Insurance in the Age of AI, Block Chain and an Overabundance of Data


The traditional insurance model has had a pretty good run. It has been slowly evolving over the past few hundred years to include new coverages, multiple distribution channels (broker, agent, online), and create more complex actuarial models.  The financial industry has been known to be relatively slow adopters of new technology, mostly because companies simply […]

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My Road to Data Science and Machine Learning

Time Lapse Road

The great thing about learning anything technology related is that the internet is overrun with resources.  The downside of too many options is the paradox of choice.  After scratching at the surface of researching A.I., I decided to get smart and make sure that I strategically step through the different requirements of becoming a data […]

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30 reasons why Tesla will inevitably insure its own cars

Tesla Model S Interior

Data Let’s start off with a non-exhaustive list of what driver/car information Tesla collects or has access to: Location Telematics Acceleration Deceleration Driving Speed Odometer System health Short videos from 8 cameras Data from 12 ultrasonic sensors Credit information from application Credit score Credit history Employer location and job details Date of birth SIN/Social Security […]

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